Monday, August 24, 2009

Teen Book Review: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

Reviewed by G.MP.

Kate Brown’s life is turned upside down when she starts high school. Her friend abandons her, Will, the boy who's hooked up with half the girls in the school now shows a sudden interest in her, her father loses his job and now works for “A Perfect You” Vitamin’s booth in the mall, and Kate is forced against her own will to work for him. Kate’s life is a mess. The things that are happening are making Kate hurt inside, but these bad things will turn into good things and would like to enter Kate to make life easier. Kate will have to let them if she wants. Will Kate want a good life with no problems, friends she can depend on and a happy going family? Or will she want friends who act like she doesn't even exist, and an awful family who has problems 24/7. Which will Kate chose the happy-going life or the heart breaking one? Read to find out!!!

The plot was totally amazing and the way the characters acted with each other was too. The characters acted everything out just wonderfully and it was great how they interacted and found what was actually happening to figure it out together. By far my favorite characters in the story were Kate and Grandma

Favorite quote: "Try? That’s your advice? Great, Granma. Thanks." "Darling the world doesn’t owe you anything." "Wow that so makes me feel better.""Its not supposed to" she said, “That part is up to you."

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