Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Upcoming Teen Book Club!!

Brought to you by popular demand...

We're building a teen book club!

You choose the books, you choose the topics, you choose the time.

We'll have snacks, good company and a LOT to discuss.
We're hoping to start once school does, but first we need to know:
If you could choose ONE book to begin with, what would it be?
Are there any books that you think would cause a LIVELY discussion?
We would probably meet once a month or so. What would be the BEST day/time for you?
Leave a comment on the blog below!
If you prefer, you can always email Jessica at jbranciforte@essexlib.org to give ideas, suggestions or to ask questions.

1 comment:

Essex Library YA Services: said...

The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me!! That should be the first one.